Sunday, January 15, 2012

ABC's about me!

This is a list I saw on a blog and thought it was totally cute! So you guys can get to know me a little better :)
A: Age - I am 25

B. Bed Size - QUEEN! .

C. Chore you hate -Washing the damn  dishes! omg! ( I left her answer here cuz i totes agree!)
D. Day - Tuesdays- Taco Tuesday, enough said!

E. Essential start to your day - Coffee! Im a zombie without it!

F. Favourite Colour - Hmm... I go through fave color phases.. lol it was yellow for a while. right now im into blue and purple.

G: Gold or silver-Silver. no offense but gold jewelry is ugly to me.

H: Height- I am 5'4

I. Instruments -I play the clarinet and guitar :)!

J: Job title - Student, administrative asst.
K. Kids -I have a turtle :)

L. Live in: california :)
M: Mum's name - Enedina
 N: Nickname - Nono
O. Overnight Hospital Stay - NONE!! thank you Jesus!

P. Pet peeve - When people chew loudly.. UGH!

Q. Quote from a Movie -  "you play ball like a GIRL! " - Sandlot, DUH!

R: Right or left handed - Right handed.

S: Siblings - An older brother and sister.. im the baby :)
T.Time you wake up - Between 8-9am

U. Underwear - I dont wear any! lol jk 

V: Vegetables you dislike -beets! thats a veggie right?

W. What make you run late -EVERYTHING! lol im such a procrastinator! theres not one day im not late! 

X. X-ray you've had - just my teeth
Y. Yummy food you make - bow tie pestow noodles with chicken... YUM!
Z: Zoo -I love the zoo!!