Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beauty Blog... let's give this a shot!

Hello and WELCOME to my beauty blog! I hope you are all having a splendid day! ^_^  I have just recently started a youtube beauty channel and just decided to make a blog to accompany it after a couple of people have insisted I do so. I was a little sketchy about doing a blog because I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with it! Ive had blogs before but I just do NOT write on them! SO! here is my attempt to once AGAIN do a blog! Im hoping that I will keep up with it since its going to correspond to my youtube channel.

Now, I would like to introduce myself.. My name is Norma.. and over the years, my love for makeup has just GROWN! Seriously! I play with it on a daily basis, I beg my friends to let me give them makeovers and I LOVE when my friends call me to do their makeup for them for special events! ( seriously I wish I was a professional makeup artist! So if anyone wants to give me a job., or needs help on shoots... CALL ME! lol)

I do not have any professional education in makeup-artistry, but I enjoy using faces as canvasses! I LOVE color! At first i was scared to use bright colors, now theres not a day when my makeup isnt dramatic! AHH! i just love it.!  And now I am on a journey to teach my fellow makeup lovers how to create the looks that I have come up with (or recreated using affordable makeup). So please PLEASE check out my youtube channel :  . I will not only do makeup tutorials but nail tutorials as well! And every now and then I will do some reviews for ya!

I am super excited and am enjoying doing these videos! (mostly because it gives me an excuse to play with and purchase makeup ;) hehehehe) so please subscribe! I will definitely appreciate it! also, feel free to add me as a friend on facebook! :

I also have a beauty lish so make sure to follow me there as well!

Thank you so much for taking to time to read my blog! if you have any questions or requests for posts, reviews, tutorials, shoot me a message at 

Have a beautiful day!

-with love


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