Sunday, January 22, 2012

First date no-kiss rule

Hello my beautiful blogettes! (yup totally just made that up :P ) I hope you are all having a fabulous  Sunday! :) Yes, I know this isn't a make up/ beauty post, but we're all girls and I'd really like some of your insight :)

Ok, so when it comes to first dates, do you guys follow the "no kissing on the first date" rule? I think it totally depends on the date and the vibe you get. If you feel comfortable, GO AHEAD! And is it me, or does it feel like all akwardnes goes away after that first kiss? weird!

My friends have mixed feelings about this; some will kiss on the first date if all goes well, and some have a STRICT no kiss rule. To me, I guess it depends. If im having an awesome first date then sure why not? How about you dolls? what are your thoughts on this matter?



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  2. well it depends on who your date is. If its a guy you just met and he asked you out then i wouldn't kiss.But if you know the guy already, had a crush on him since forever, and are finally going out on a date with him, then yes.That was my case. I had a huge crush on the guy since forever.So we went on a date and went all the way on our first date lol. I know , I know. But we've been together for 6 years now, we have a daughter, and are engaged :). Hope your date turns out great.

    1. OMG! thats so cute! and I totally agree with you. If its someone I just met, I dont kiss cuz sometmes im still a little shy. but thanks! I actually went on a second date with a guy ive known for 15 yrs! (7th grade) and on the first date, it was a breakfast date so it wasnt really much of a first kis pressure ya know? second date I was ALL for it! ;) haha

    2. lol Great. I hope everything turns out well girly. I know it did for me. now we have a monster 2 year old lolol. So glad we followed each other :)

    3. mee too! thanks for responding! I love having actual interactions! :)

  3. I just think it depends on the vibe you get too! I wouldn't say I'd never kiss on a first date because if it feels right I'd do it! :)

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