Wednesday, January 11, 2012

gradient tiger nails!!!

Hello beauties! I have made a super fun and easy gradient blue tiger nails! (RAWR!)
Check these babies out: 

BAM! (lol jk)

For this look you will just need a few things:

  • Glitters (whatever colors you choose, make sure you have a light, medium, and dark color of the same shade. I chose blue) 
  • White polish and thin brush ( or try and get the art deco polishes that already come with a thin application brush)
  • And Your fave top coat
3 items! simple!.... after you have these items handy, take a gander at my vid and learn how to create this gradient effect!

I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did! please subscribe to my channel, for I have so many Ideas for nail and makeup tutorials.. I will hopefully post my next tutorial within the next few days :) THANK YOU so much for your time, and I hope you all have a blessed day! xo <3

-With love


  1. Those nails are wicked! I like them!

    check my fashion/beauty blog

    Greetings from Finland