Wednesday, March 7, 2012

hi there! NOTD! and a little shout out to all you mommies out there!!!

well hello my dears! yes, i KNOW i have been MIA for the longest time! but i have just been busy with school, work(ugh)  being super duper sick ( still trying to get over it) and occupied with the birth of my godson!


ok, before I go on with the NOTD part of this post, I just want to say, that all of you ladies who have bared children... you are a flippin INSPIRATION! OMG! my best friend gave birth last week (2-29-12 yup! leap year baby! ) and as I was appointed godmother, she wanted me in the room as she gave birth.. OMG It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Ok YES, at first I was a bit freaked out, im NOT going to lie.. but as soon as i saw his head crowning I was like.. OMFGYAY!  i went into excited mode and was SO ready for it to happen! and DAMN! its sooo much work!!! I was so proud of my friend for doing such an amazing job, and not screaming her lungs out. It was definitely a magical moment that I am going to remember for the rest of my life. I do not have kids and was undecided about having them until I experienced this. Now, Im more on the side of, ok.. maybe i do want a kid someday. :)  (sorry mom! watching child birth didnt scare me into not wanting one! LOL)

but seriously, all you ladies that have gone through this, I APPLAUD YOU! so much pain, not just the pushing it out part, but the hrs of contractions.. whoa.. just whoa.. it definitely made me appreciate my mom more because know Ive seen first hand how hard she had to work to get me out.. LOL you guys are all super heroes.. seriously! <3

ok! enough of the sappy shtuff :)   ive been trying to paint my nails and do different designs... but I just havent been able to post.. so I will now! here are 3 designs that i did on myself.. nothing too fancy shmancy but:

ok, i took this picture before i cleaned up my nails lol.. but i did a black with green rhinestones on each nail .. and my accent finger, i did a lime green zebra print.. i JUST LOVED THESE COLORS!

here i did like a leopard print with glitter on the accent finger, but i used like the little glitter flakes, theyre like little hexagons if that makes any sense? lol well yea i used those on the dots and on my ring fingah.

and heres a simple purple that i did with sticker thingys.. thought it was cute :)

OKAY! I have some ideas for some vids that should be p later this week, a voice inspired tutorial because im OBSESSED with that show right now. :) and a couple others.. I recorded vids on how to cut your hair in layers, and how to curl your hair (because ive been getting so many compliments from you ladies !) but im not sure if i want to upload them.. if ya wanna see em, let me know please! but definitely stic around, Im excited for my next vids! :)

have a fabulous hump day ladies!



  1. congrats on the birth of your Godson! So cute!! And lovely nails as well!


  2. Love the blue glitter on your ring finger looks fabulous! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog I'm your newest follower :)
    Beauty Flawed

    1. thank you for following sweety! and im in LOVE with that glitter! :)

  3. Cute Blog, thanks for the follow, love the purple nails.