Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winter hits and misses!

Hi! ok so I have decided to start doing hit and misses videos for you all. I didnt really want to do a monthly faves, because im lazy :) and i tend not to shop as much as i used to! haha!! And i tend to buy stuff related to the seasons so i fugured this would be better for me. :) anywho! here is my vid of hits and misses!

  • X-out Shine control from the makers of Proactive. Didnt feel like it controlled the oiliness on my face. seems like it made it worse.
  • Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. Didn't see improvement in my hair. didnt make it softer or shinier. Honestly, Pantene works 100% better.
  • Loreal one sweep eyeshadow. WOMP! sucks! not pigmented, goes in horribly, doesn't blend, tried putting them on with my regular brushes and the colors still sucked!
  • Monistat chafing Gel. good primer, but use in small amounts. leaves the skin feeling SUPER soft.. UGH its just great!
  • Maybelline Color Tattoos! great colors, nice pigmentation, great for a base! :)
  • Maybelline mineral powder foundation. Works SO well, just as good as bare minerals (so I think) improved all the damage on my skin that MAC studio fix foundation did! super light weight and affordable! :)
  • Milani brow kit. The best brow kit ive tried so far, super affordable and keeps eyebrows looking natural!
  • Be natural Dry heel eliminator.. umm AMAZE! make your feet suuuuuper soft! i swear, my feet feel like quenched after i put this on.. really helps my dry tootsies!
  • Garnier skin renewing radiance moisture cream. i feel my skin has gotten better. my complextion has inmproved! thank goodness for that caffeine in there!
  • 3 lab perfect cleansing foam. im very particular when it comes to face washes, i tend to use only exfoliating ones, and this leaves my face feeling clean as if i was using an exfoliant! (didnt know how pricey it was! thank goodness for my glam! :) )
  • Nexxus pro mend heat protectant. I love the way my hair feels after i use it befor i blow dry, makes it feel soft, and smells really good :)
  • Vatika. OMG! hair miracle! moisturizes, i have dry hair and it really replenished and restored it! SOOO freakin GOOD!

I really hope this is helpful to you guys! Thanks for taking the time to read/watch my vid! :)

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