Friday, June 29, 2012

Dating and not wearing makeup.... when do YOU stop?

Hey dolls! Its been SOOOOO long since I've posted a blog! I know I know!! Bad Norma!! BAD! *lowers head in shame* ok.. i DO want to start posting more, because I think blogging is amazing! And I think its a perfect way to get to know others who share the same interest..( hello captain obvious) but I also think its a great way to talk to people about certain topics you might not want to talk to others about.. so PLEASE!!! give me topics to talk about! tweet me and let me  now!!! whether it be about makeup, fashion trends, fitness, sex, love, dating.. ANYTHING! feel free to ask anonymously even if youd like! ok.. so anyway! on to my topic...... :)

SO, Dating and makeup.... theres something ive been noticing lately... how i wear less and less makeup when I spend the night with my new guy. weve only been dating for like 6 months but still... thats a little long for me nowadays.. haha. (overall ive known him for 14 years... since 7th grade.. YIKES!) 

Anywho, just like any typical girl, I would wear makeup on our first dates and so fourth i mean c',mon  my skin isnt in the best shape.. ESPECIALLY MY EYEBROWS!!! [they dont grow anymore cause i overplucked in middle school :( ] I tend to just keep my makeup simple on a daily basis, just foundation, mascara , eyliner and my brows... nothng too dramz. Then it got to the "slepover" point... i mean wed go out to dinner or hang out and whatever so id have no choice but to sleep with my makeup off.. [i mean i COULD have took it off but heaven forbid he see the way i look when i wake up right? ew!]   then when Id just go over frmmy house id wear mascara sometimes and a tiny bit of my powder foundaton [i hate my skin] ... and my brows of course.. nothing too drastic... then as i got more comfortable no mascara and [eeep] NO FOUNDATION! [whoa!!!]...  yup... he assures my i dont need the makeup, but you know how boys are just trying to be nice n shiet.

I really will go NOWHERE with out doing my brows.. like theyre super thin and i hate it.. so when i spent the night, id fill em with PENCIL so when i wake up, they still would be semi drawn in... now im like .. EH... i just draw em in with a lil bit of powder.. and thats BARELY.. just where im really bald, ill fill it in a tiny bit... but when i wake up theyre totally gone. this was recently like.. month 5. We are going camping in 2 weeks and im not taking makeup because that would be silly.. so hes going to be forced to see me with NOTHING like aaallll day! [ :( ]   ugh... im sure after that , ill stop drawing them completely when i spend the night.. . but ugh.. im dreading it just thinking bout it!!!!

so my question to you ladies, is how long do u wait til you are completely bare faced in front of your guy??? and how much makeup do u usually wear while dating???  id love to hear your thoughts!! and please feel free to ask questions for a new topic :)

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have a good day loves! and ill see you guys soon! :)

xoxox- norma!